Artist Statement

My work intrinsically evolves from a symbolic realm ~ manifesting as visual poems ~ reflecting a moment frozen in time. As I walk in both worlds within the “conscious and the subconscious,” I am hungry for the deeper meaning. I revel in the mystery and the hidden ~ what catches my breath just beyond the veil. My art reflects the powerful forces of love, memory and nature and the indelible marks they leave upon the human spirit. Texture and composition secretly unfold into the themes I am trying to convey. Most often, I simply allow the materials to speak to me without a pre-plan.

Paper is alive, and my reverence for it is almost holy. I use handmade and decorative papers, found objects and ephemera, antique photographs, old books, paint, and fabric. Part of the draw to collage is the hunt. I carefully scrutinize, choose, arrange and rearrange each essential element until the composition pleases me. Through these tangible materials, I attempt to submerge the work into a bright imagining ~ an intriguing state of wonder. I invite the viewer to enter into my personal quest and expression ~ complete the circle by exploring recollections and connections that life has graced you with and allow experience to take you where it will.